Classic Tools, Modern Techniques.

Introducing Rapid Vocab

Course Content

Your child will unlock the tools to master new words. All of the root words, prefixes, and suffixes your child will learn are the building block components of the most frequently tested words on numerous standardized exams. Keep your child entertained during lockdown.

• Latin and Greek-based Root Words, Prefixes, and Suffixes

• Animated Video Lectures and Music Videos

• Extensive Practice Making and Breaking Words

• Printable Lyrics PDFs and Key Words PDFs

• Catchy Songs in Audio and Music Video Formats

• Extensive Practice Quiz Questions

• SAT Verbal Score Increase Guarantee

• Course Completion Certificate

A Beautifully designed, 36-Module Program in 3 LEVELS

Level 1

The RAPID VOCAB Level 1 offering helps students build a strong linguistic foundation for future success. Each of the 5 modules are designed specifically to help students use classical tools in modern ways.

Level 2

The RAPID VOCAB Level 2 offering helps students expand the linguistic foundation they started building in Level 1. Each of the 10 modules help students master the building blocks of the English language.

Level 3

The RAPID VOCAB Level 3 offering polishes and refines mastery of the essential building blocks of the English language, preparing them well for success now and later on in life. Each of the 21 modules prepares our students to excel.